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Heat Transfer Compounds

Heat Transfer Compound:-
Thermal conductive compounds to increase the heat transfer efficiency of steam tracing.
Heat Transfer Compound

T-275 Heat Transfer Compound is used where high temperature maintenance or high exposure temperatures are prevalent. Thermon heat transfer compound provide an efficient thermal connection between the tracer and the process equipment. By eliminating the air voids that would ordinarily exist, heat is directed into the pipe wall primarily through conduction rather than convection and radiation. A single tracer utilising Thermon’s heat transfer compound has the equivalent performance of three to five air convection (bare) tracers.
T-275 is typically utilised for high temperature applications with maximum exposure temperatures of 275°C. To minimise waste and speed installation, use Thermon Channel Trace™ system featuring TFK galvanised steel channel. The Channel Trace system provides mechanical and weather protection prior to installation of thermal insulation. Refer to the back of this specification sheet for details.
Heat Transfer Compound
Typical Installed Cross Section
Typical Installed Cross Section
Container sizes T - 275 20 Kg Container Maximum exposure temperature
T-275 2 75°C
Minimum exposure temperature -196°C
Minimum installation temperature 0°C
Heat transfer coefficient, Ut tracer to pipe wall
114-227 W/m2•°C  
Electrical resistivity  
T-275 0.105 Ohm/cm
Shelf life 1 year
Bond shear 1034 kPa
Water-soluble yes

Description .
T-275 is available in 20 Kg Container
Compound harden when cured.

Options .
TFK steel channel provides additional mechanical
and weather protection to the application.

  Benefits . . .
• Increase heat transfer rates significantly over bare tracing
• Compound are water-resistant (not waterproof) when
   completely cured
• Cut installation time and eliminate waste when using TFK
• No weatherproofing or curing required when using TFK
• Water-soluble for easy cleanup
• Free design assistance
Typical Steam Tracing System
Typical Steam Tracing System
TFK Channel Configurations
Heat Transfer Compound Configurations
Product Type
Maximum Exposure
T - 275
20 Kg Container
275 oC
TFK Channel Configurations
Product Type
Description Channel Length
Channel Dimensions
Width x Height
Rigid Channel, 1.2 m
32 mm x 22 mm
Rigid Channel, 1.2 m
43 mm x 32 mm
Rigid Channel, 1.2 m
64 mm x 44 mm
Stainless Steel Banding
Stainless Steel Banding
used to secure tracer, compound and channel to piping.
• T2SSB (12 mm wide, 0,5 mm thick) for 10 mm and 12 mm O.D. tube tracers.
• T3SSB (12 mm wide, 0,8 mm thick) for 20 mm or 25 mm O.D. tube and DN 20
   or 25 (3/4 or 1 inch NPS) pipe tracers. C001...banding tool    for applying tension to T2SSB or T3SSB banding.
Stainless Steel Banding
ALP-1 dielectric paint applied to aluminium pipe prior to compound application.
1950A crimping tool for T34PB-CR seals.
T34PB-CR crimp seals for fastening tensioned banding.
Stainless Steel Banding
TFK-4 galvanised steel channel 32 mm x 22 mm covers heat transfer compound applied to 10 mm and 12 mm O.D. tube tracers.
TFK-7 galvanised steel channel 43 mm x 32 mm covers heat transfer compound applied to 20 mm O.D. tube and DN 15
           (1/2 inch NPS) pipe tracers.
TFK-9 galvanised steel channel 64 mm x 44 mm covers heat transfer compound applied to 25 mm O.D. tube and DN 20 or 25
  (3/4 or 1 inch NPS) pipe tracers.