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Self-Regulating & Self Limiting Heat Tracers

Self-regulating heating cables increase power as temperatures fall and decreases as temperatures rise. Heaton engineering Supplies a wide range of self-regulating heating cables to meet the demands specific to each application.

Excellent for metallic or non-metallic piping and tanks, These self-regulating heating cables allow for ease of design and installation with applications ranging from freeze protection to temperature maintenance to foundation heating.

Power-Limiting Heat Tracers
  Power-Limiting heating cables increase power as temperatures fall and decrease as temperatures rise.
High performance Power-Limiting heating cables are designed specifically for process temperature maintenance, where high maintenance temperatures or high temperature exposure is required.
Parallel Constant Watt Heat tracers
Parallel constant watt heating cables include a continuous series of short, independent heating circuits. Power output is relatively unchanged by variations in circuit length up to several hundred feet.
These cables are designed for freeze protection or process temperature maintenance of piping, tanks and equipment.
Series Constant Watt Heat Tracers
  Series constant watt heating cables include a metallic heating element. Circuit length has a direct effect on the power output.
These cables are designed for temperature maintenance of piping, with longer circuit length requirements.

Series cables fall into two basic types:
1. Flexible, polymer-jacketed cable for longer tracing circuits
2. Semi-rigid, metal jacketed, mineral insulated cables for high temperature service.
Mineral Insulated Series Constant watt Tracers
  Permit high Maintenance & Exposure temperature.
Factory Fabricated Circuits to Specific Length.
Series circuitry Eliminates Voltage Drops.
Tank Heating Systems
Heaton Supplies the widest variety of products and accessories to prevent freezing fluids in tanks and vessels. Heaton offers complete systems for Tank Heating or Temp. Maintenance for a variety of industrial hazardous, non-hazardous or commercial applications.
  Heaton offers Heat Tracing Cables or Surface Band Heaters for surface Heating of Vessels or Tanks.