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Anti Freeze Applications
For Cold Room Doorframes, Drain Lines, Drip Trays, Glass Cabinet Windows, Cold Room Floors. Cold Water Pipelines to keep them warm to avoid freezing.

Anti Condensation Applications
To avoid Condensation of gases in gas sampling Instrumentation lines, CNG Test Skids.

Temperature Maintenance Of Viscous Fluids
To maintain Temp. of Viscous Fluids above their pour points such as Fuel Oils, LSHS, Fatty Acids, AOS Paste, Menthol, Edible Oils, Veg. Ghee, Resins, Paints, Wax.

Surface Heating
To heat up Vessels & Tanks safely by surface heating; to avoid direct contact of Heater with product.

Tailor Made Heating Jackets
Heating Jackets To Suit Required Shapes, Temperatures

Temperature Maintenance Of Hot Water Lines
Maintaining Temp. of processed Pharma grade water lines in Pharmaceutical Industries. Maintain Temperature of hot water pipelines in Huge Hotels, Hospitals, Commercial Establishments to avoid re-circulation & wastage of valued water.

Curd Maker Jackets For Hight Altitude Locations
Curd Makers Operating on 230 V AC as Well as 12 V DC

Heat Kit Assemblies
For Flow meters, Valves & other Irregular Shapes. To avoid cumbersome process of Heat Tracing & Insulation of these small units on field, we provide ready to use Heat Traced & Insulated Jackets.

Heat Tracing Of Skids
Heat Tracing & Insulation of complex pipelines & equipments of Fuel Oil Skids, Packaging Machines.

Steam To Electrical Conversions
Conversions of existing Steam Traced Projects to neat, clean & energy efficient Electrical Heat Tracing Projects.

• Cold Room Heating Applications


  • Aluminium Plant For Oil Fired Furnaces
  • Captive Power Plants
  • Chemical Industry
  • Chemical Plants
  • CNG Gas Skids
  • Coconut Oil Handling Plants
  • Cold Storage's
  • Edible Oil Plants
  • Ethanol Plants
  • Food Plants
  • Foundation Heating Of Tanks
  • Fuel Oil Terminals
  • Glass Industry
  • Hot Air Generator Units
  • Instrumentation Projects
  • LPG Handling Plants
  • Lube Oil Plants
  • Mobile Tankers
  • Oil Fired Boiler Plants
  • Oil Fired Furnace Plants
  • Oil Skid Manufacturers
  • Oil Metering Skids
  • Packaging Machines
  • Paint Manufacturing Units
  • Palm Oil Plants
  • Pharmaceutical Plants
  • Soap Plants
  • Steel Plants
  • Ship Power Plants
  • Tank Terminals
  • Wax Handling Units